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Everlife v.8; now with more textures to choose from. Warmer colours, sharper resolution. Less noticeable background loops. More overlay adventures, beyond your imagination. Everyday tasks animated into cutting edge game play. You will never be bored again because you make the rules. Fulfil your heroic potential or relax in perfect paradise while completing your social responsibilities.

We can be together in pleasure for infinity... EVERLIFE


'Supraliminal screen, cosmetic wall.
In a warehouse, but only aware of the hall.
We walk with free will; yet the sides guide us in,
tapered and blinkered towards them.'

When your piss sings the blues,
On the bubbles, on the bowl.
The arena of glue
Seems a troubled boil.

The procession of toys
Lulling me numb.
This needle of noise
Piercing doldrums.

Pop Pop

Is anybody out there?
Is anybody in there?

Subject of the scene
Tailor made serene
Painting cyclops green
Inner cortex stream

Viscera centrifuge
Pyramid chamber roof
coated in shapes and wood
repeating tracks allude

I'm the captain in here
I'm the hero
Ever smothering my fear
Life through a dreamscope

I'm my god out there
My god I'm out there
Ever benevolent
Life is out there

Objects conspire with rooms
Holographic principal
Projecting conclusions
Seeming invincible

Pop Pop

'When you return to the real world you realise you are not in control. They made it the 'ever'life because if the veil was to be drawn, torn or removed for just one moment the citizen would be made aware that they are in fact a subject. Not a hero, nor a god or even a man.'


from Spacetime Fabric Conditioner, released October 1, 2009



all rights reserved


The Laze Liverpool, UK

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